Learn About Lighting

Learn About Lighting

We offer photography classes in Loveland, CO

When you’re ready to improve your camera skills and take some of the mystery out of shooting better images, sign up for one of our classes. Werx Studios, LLC offers photography classes in Loveland, CO. Our instruction sessions are exclusively for photographers.

We offer instructional events in coordination with the Professional Photographers of America. You can learn about a variety of photographic techniques, including:

  • Studio-based lighting
  • Off-camera flash
  • Outdoor lighting


You’ll learn how to balance ambient lighting with flash and fill light. Call 970-371-3437 today to sign up for photography classes in Loveland, CO.

Use new techniques to create better images

You’ll get the chance to learn about different techniques and practice them in a controlled setting. We’ll provide the lighting equipment and model so you can use your camera gear to create images that are suitable for your portfolio.

Contact Werx Studios today to learn more about our photography classes in Loveland, CO.

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